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Anti-Social Behaviour

Your tenancy agreement with East Boro sets out what you need to do and gives you the rules and regulations which we have agreed on so that everyone can live without being bothered by excessive noise or annoyance.


If tenants break these rules we call that a breach of tenancy conditions, and the housing officer will contact you and try to sort things out amicably.


If this does not work, and the annoyance persists , we have a number of rules regarding what is called Anti-Social Behaviour(ASB). East Boro is committed to addressing incidents of Anti-Social behaviour acress its housing stock, and will investigate all reported incidents sensitively.


Our Anti-Social Behaviour policy is outlined in your copy of the Tenancy Handbook which will be given to you when you take up your tenancy and is supplied as an easy read accessible document if required. 


If you misplace your copy please ask your Support Worker/ Sheltered Housing Officer for a replacement.


Our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy can be downloaded here.