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East Boro supports people by developing and investing in homes and communities across Dorset. 

But what exactly does development mean to us?

It can mean refurbishing, converting, or altering existing or new schemes. For example, we re-modelled a shared house into six individual flats in Weymouth.  This now provides better facilities and independent living for the clients. 

It can mean working with a local authority to enter into a lease which would provide accommodation in one of their properties. As just one example, we signed a lease with Purbeck District Council to create a new two bedroom flat in Bovington for emergency accommodation. 

It can mean taking an opportunity where there is a new development to create affordable housing. For example, we completed the new build scheme at Poundbury to create the four new flats now known as Prince George House. 

It can mean bidding for a contract to provide accommodation for a particular client group. For example, we purchased accommodation for five clients who now live together in two units in Weymouth. This work entailed adapting the purchased property to meet the needs of the in-going clients. 

It can mean using land owned by the Trust to build additional units.  For example, we built a two bed bungalow to the rear of one our properties in Weymouth.

So development can involve: working closely with our partners at County and local authority level, working with professionals including the legal profession, architects, quantity surveyors, applying for planning permission to the local authority where this is required, entering into build contracts with contractors and sub contractors, liaising with our own staff to ensure that all departments can take the necessary action to fulfil their roles, and last but not least, keeping our Board Members fully informed and gaining approval to proceed.