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Dorset Supported Lodgings Service

East Boro recently attained this new contract, which, on behalf of Dorset County Council, provides a commissioning, inspection, payment and quality assurance role for other Supported Lodgings Providers in Dorset. As the Supporting People Commissioner, the service enables Dorset County Council, through East Boro as the contract holder, to streamline the service available through a consistent approach and delivery of housing and support, also ensuring consistent standards are achieved for the benefit of the customer.


Essentially, East Boro oversees other Supported Lodgings Providers, giving guidance and support as to best practice about accommodation and support services for adults with learning disabilities.


Information for Providers


For guidelines and reference to relevant staff policies and procedures, please download the documents below. Please note the Code of Conduct document includes the Whistleblowing Policy in section 21 on page 6 of the document.


Code of Conduct


Principles of Conduct


For any further guidance please contact Anne Chislett, Supported Lodgings Service Co-ordinator, on 01305 750403