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Faulkner Fund

Faulkner Fund Supports Tenants


East Boro operates a charitable fund for tenants and staff in memory of Ray Faulkner.

Mr Faulkner, who died a few years ago, was a former Chairman, Shareholder and Board Member of the organisation for more than 50 years.


The Faulkner Fund is a “giving fund” and has two main qualifying areas for potential applicants.


Firstly the fund can be applied to by any East Boro tenant on the grounds of hardship to enable the purchase of a needed item, such as a bed, fridge or clothes.


It can also be used for the undertaking of a day activity to enable social interaction, assisting a move to new accommodation or to pay for any other item, appliance or activity that is urgently needed by a qualifying applicant.


The Fund is also available to East Boro staff members who can apply for a grant to assist with educational activities that will enhance their individual knowledge and personal development.


All applications will be considered by a panel consisting of an East Boro Board member, a member of staff and a member or representative of the Faulkner Family.


The Panel will asses the application and see if the application is worthy of an award.

It should be noted that the Fund will not make awards when there are other opportunities for applicants to obtain funds from other charitable or statutory fund giving organisations.


For more information about the Faulkner Fund please talk to your support worker or a member of East Boro staff 01202 883 503.


To apply for funding, please fill out the application form available below.


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