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Gary Easton

GARY Easton is a proud man.

When entering his stunning flat at Prince George House, visitors better not have dirty shoes on!

Keeping his home clean and tidy is something Gary is very particular about so wow betides anyone who brings mud in from outside!

Speaking with the help of his East Boro support worker, Harald Lankisch, Gary said: “I love my home and I like to keep it nice and clean for when I have visitors.

“I enjoy doing the housework with the help of my support workers and it’s so nice to have such a beautiful flat.”

Living independently for the first time in his life has had an incredible effect on Gary.

Harald said: “Gary has really blossomed since moving to Prince George House. Every single day his confidence grows and he appears truly contented which is fantastic.

“Obviously he is supported with things like cleaning, shopping and cooking, but he really gets stuck in himself and he is determined to be as independent as possible.”

When he’s not doing the chores or relaxing at home, Gary loves to go swimming and enjoys taking long works around Poundbury and the adjoining countryside.

“It’s a great place to live”, he said. “I love it.”