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​What is Homes4Let?

Homes4Let is a social letting agency which has been working in partnership with Poole and Bournemouth councils since October 2002. It was acquired by East Boro in August 2014 and is now based at East Boro's head office in Wimborne. It currently manages more than 150 properties and provides a professional, cost effective and ethical service for landlords large and small. Homes4Let assists landlords by finding suitable referenced tenants who have been referred by the local council housing advice teams. Homes4let provides a full management service and is committed to being open, honest and ethical.


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Benefits to landlords

  • Housing benefit paid direct
  • Fast tenant referral
  • High occupancy rates
  • Access to dedicated housing benefit officers
  • Tenant find and referencing
  • Completion of legal tenancies
  • Preparation of inventory
  • Collection of rent, preparation of monthly account and organisation of deposit bond
  • Conduct meter reading and inform utilities
  • Assistance with on-going housing benefit claim
  • Liaising with mortgage/insurance company and freeholder if applicable
  • Regular property inspections
  • Liaise, organise and ensure progress of repairs
  • Renew tenancy or offer advice and practical assistance in the repossession of property
  • Deal with all other third parties where required


Services Provided

Homes4Let provide a wide range of services which guarantee landlords reassurance and peace of mind. These include:


  • Advice as required about the rental value of the property and the current state of the rental market


  • Obtain via Bournemouth or Poole Borough Council suitable tenants and obtain references / supporting information.


  • Prepare tenancy agreements in accordance with current law and update it as necessary including serving notices as required to gain possession.


  • Prepare an inventory and condition schedule when there is a change of tenant and where possible agree deductions from the deposit/deposit bond with the tenant.


  • Collect and hold a security deposit in accordance with current legislation, or arrange a suitable deposit bond with the council.


  • Receive rental payments and take appropriate action to pursue any missed or late payments promptly. Forward the rent to the landlord after deductions for commission and expenses paid in accordance of this agreement within five working days of receipt.


  • Arranging any repairs, maintenance or replacements to the property or contents which come to or are brought to the agents notice, and which the agent deems to be necessary and the responsibility of the landlord, on the basis set out in the property maintenance section of this agreement.


  • Visit the property internally and externally every three to six months and provide a written report of the condition of the property and compliance with the tenancy to the landlord within seven working days, including any advice of any repairs required by the landlord.


  • Ensure that (where applicable) gas appliances and boilers are tested every year to ensure 100% compliance with regulations.


  • Homes4Let as an additional service will carry out Right to Rent checks in line with the Code of Practice on illegal immigrants and private rented accommodation (civil penalty scheme for landlords and their agents) 2014. Homes4let as your agent will carry out these checks before entering into a tenancy agreement on the landlord’s behalf.  For further information on the checks needed and the law please click here. (Failure to carry out these checks or to instruct an agent to do so on a landlord’s behalf could result in the landlord being fined £3,000.)



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