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Ideas and Suggestions

At East Boro we care about what you think.

Your views, opinions and observations are both valued and crucial to the success of the organisation.

For us, communication with our tenants is key, that’s why we have Tenant Consultation Groups, Tenant Conferences, newsletters and regular Tenant Surveys.

Your ideas and suggestions for making East Boro a better landlord and care provider are always welcome. Anything we can do to improve the way we work and the way you live, we will always do.

So whatever it is, let us know about it.

We want to build happy, safe and caring communities and what you want matters to us.

Any and all ideas and suggestions are welcome, the more specific the better.

Simply feel in the form below or, alternatively, speak to a member of East Boro’s staff by calling 01202 883 503 (please hold: for all other enquiries) or 01305 750 403

You talk, East Boro listens!